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I am a Stay At Home Mom with three children. We live in a small suburb
outside of Atlanta, Georgia. We have a busy life and I love every minute of it!

I have always loved art in all forms and even as a small child I spent hours sketching and painting. I have also always had a love for dolls and doll collecting, in fact I still have my very first Cabbage Patch doll. I remember my Mom waiting for hours in line several days in a row just for the possibility to purchase a doll for me and my sister. It was such an exciting day when she surprised us after school with these lovely dolls.

As an adult I found a way to combine both of my passions... dolls and art.
I started restoring vintage dolls and collecting those that I loved. Years ago I came across an article about a new art form that was becoming popular with collectors, Reborn Dolls. I immediately started researching and I was hooked from day one. I spent countless hours scouring everything I could find about the art and then spent months practicing my new found passion. That was in 2010 and I still continue to research new techniques and grow as an artist. I use only the highest quality materials and never ever cut corners. Every baby that leaves my home is a truly unique work of art to be cherished for many years to come!

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